Come on… we all have them.  If you’re someone who is trying to lose weight, you have those clothes that fit a little bit TOO well!  Or, if you’re like me and have been working at it for a while, maybe you go swimming in those clothes now – enough space to take a few laps.  It’s an awesome problem to have – a potentially expensive problem but a great problem nonetheless.

But at some point, it’s time to rid yourself of these reminders of your past.  It’s therapeutic, really.  Like when you break up with someone.  For that “mourning” period, you might keep some of his/her shit around – an old sweatshirt, some jewelry, love notes, etc.  You keep it, sleep with it, think about the good times, and miss having that person around.  But eventually you move on.  You realize that you two broke up for a reason; you two weren’t happy with each other.  You realize that there’s better things on the horizon for you – and that’s when you dump that stuff.

For me, that metaphor is actually a bit more real as some of my “fat” clothes were actually gifts from an ex-girlfriend.  I’ve kept them around simply because I really like the shirt and the shoes and all.  But now, the shirts are way too big, the belt is too big, the pants are too big (and got stained in the wash :P).  The shoes still fit, but are scuffed, so I might get rid of those, too.

In any case, tonight, it finally came time for me to sort through all of my clothes and get rid of anything that is too big for me.  I think it’s important for me.  I’m moving forward in to this new slimmer body, and though I had a lot of good times in those fat clothes, I am much happier with this new me and do not want to go back – I refuse to go back.

Having all of those clothes, much like keeping your ex’s stuff around, gives you a sense that you can go back to the way things were.  You keep your ex’s things because you miss them, you want them back.  It’s the same with Fat Clothes.  By keeping the clothes around, you make it okay to go back.  Getting rid of them closes that door.  For me, the door has been closed for a while – I’m just latching the deadbolt.