“You never fail until you stop trying.” – Albert Einstein

Bodybuilding.com has been a great reference for me for exercising and nutrition, as well as a great source for suppliments. They have a lot of great plans for how to achieve your goals, whether it’s fat-loss, gaining mass, gaining strength, or whatever. One of them is specifically for college students and goes further than just what to eat and what exercises to do. This is from the video on setting goals, but is attributed to Albert Einstein. It’s so easy to take a “setback” and call it a “failure,” but I think this is true. Until you give up on making that change, bettering yourself, or achieving that goal, you haven’t failed. But even so, a setback – something that keeps you from reaching your goal the way you thought you would – isn’t a failure. It’s just showing you a way that you can’t achieve your goal. Time to re-evaluate and reassess!