Eating is just as important as the workout – don’t let anyone fool you!  You can’t be eating anything, but you’ve gotta eat something.  Insanity is nice because it comes with a really good nutrition guide that gives you a great idea of the things you should be eating.  Not only does it give you specific foods, but also provides meal ideas.  This is one of my favorites for breakfast (or lunch even!).

It’s an egg white and cheese wrap with diced tomatoes on a whole wheat tortilla.  Very easy to make, low in calories, high in flavor, and very satisfying.  To make it, just scramble up four egg whites (I add a bit of pepper to them while they’re frying up).  Dice half of a small tomato (make sure to scoop out the inside of the tomato).  Then put both on a whole wheat tortilla with some skim cheese (I like using some Sargento’s Shredded Reduced Fat 4 Cheese Italian).  Then just wrap it up, serve with a small side of fruit, and enjoy!