No, these aren’t on the Insanity diet – don’t even kid yourself!  I made these last night for my a cappella group – we’re celebrating two of us who completed our graduate programs this week!  I may have half of one, but that’s it :P

Anyway, these are great treats – it’s a basic chocolate brownie on the bottom, marshmallow fluff in the middle, and then on top is a hardened mixture of chocolate, peanut butter, and Rice Krispies.

Why do I post this on this site?  Well 1) because they look delicious, but 2) I think it’s important to allow yourself to indulge sometimes – to have that one cookie, or brownie or something.  My personal feeling is that, when you completely deny yourself of what they want, it becomes a lot harder NOT to have it.  It’s the whole “forbidden fruit” thing.  Someone tells you not to press the big red button, what’s the one thing that’s on your mind?  Pressing the big red button.  Same thing with sweets – when you deny yourself these things, you’re still thinking about them all the time and makes it harder to ignore.  It’s all a mind game.

I love sweets – and I love baking them.  But I choose when I want them.  I don’t deny myself sweets, but I only let myself want them on a sporadic basis.