I’ve been learning a lot in the past few months about anatomy – specifically muscles and bones and how it all works together.  I think that’s really going to help as I move in to doing some weight-training as part of my workouts.  I used to just jump in to equipment and start moving shit around.  But after doing some reading and research on workout routines, I think I’m able to more intelligently work my muscles.

Anyway, I’ve learned a new word – “split.”  Not the kind that hurts for men to think about, but as in how to split up your workout over a couple of days to give your muscles rest.  My buddies at work talk about splitting up Back and Biceps, and Chest and Triceps.  That didn’t mean much until I found a “Push/Pull/Legs Split” routine.

So today I did nothing but Pull Exercises (as well as some light cardio).  When you pull on something, you’re working your back and biceps mostly.  So today is Seated Rows, Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns, DB Flys and DB Curls.