So I’ve been bummed with myself looking at that calendar to the right – seeing all of those days that I haven’t posted anything.  I have my excuses – moving to a new apartment, taking a break from exercising for my leg to heal up, getting a new phone that can’t use the WooThemes, and other excuses that are just as lame.

I’ve always felt that way – about excuses that is.  Look, shit happens sometimes, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what happened or why you didn’t do something.  What matters is whether or not you fix your situation – do you continue to procrastinate or quit?  Or do you take your first opportunity to jump back in and get going again? 

There’s no need for me to waste time explaining why I came up short – mainly because we all do it!  It’s more important for me to accept it, apologize, learn from it, and move forward.

In any case, I’m getting back in to things.  I figured out that I can use the WordPress app for Android to post stuff here, so that will be great for posting Videos and Photos of my runs!

And speaking of which, yesterday I completed my first training run for my Marathon – 4 miles!  It felt really good!  Super excited to get going!