BRF2013 Finish LineAll of the training and preparation of the past few months, all of the worry after hurting my leg, all of the struggles and pressure that I put myself through.  It all became worth it today in one singular moment – that moment I crossed the finish line.  I can say it now – I can say “I have finished a half-marathon!”  What an incredible rush.  This is the proof I’ve been looking for!  I’ve been telling myself that I can achieve anything I put my mind to – this is that proof.  The medal around my neck overshadows all of the doubt, all of the judgment, all of the negativity. If I ever think something isn’t possible, I can look at that medal and remember that it might take a lot of hard work, but I can do anything – and I’m worth it!

Oh, and my time? 1:57:15!  Average Pace – 8:57 min/mile!  I couldn’t have asked for a better time for my first half-marathon!  Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me through this.  I have a long way to go for my full-marathon goal, as well as my physique goals.  I hope you’ll continue to follow along, and I’ll do my best to keep things upbeat, positive, and above all else – entertaining!