I’ve been thinking for a while about restarting this website – getting back in to showing people how I’m training, how I’m training, when I’m training.  It was a lot of fun before and a great outlet for me.  I also got a lot of great feedback from people that read my blog – so thank you to anyone that is out there!  My biggest worry, though, is just becoming another voice in the clusterfuck that is “The Internet.”  There are so many fitness websites out there – a lot that I use myself – and I don’t want to just reiterate all of the same things that you can find anywhere else.  I need a unique purpose.

I read a lot about these “Transformations” on websites like Bodybuilding.com and others.  These transformations are definitely inspiring – seeing some guy that was like… 250-300 lbs, and now he’s all jacked?  That’s pretty crazy!  Suddenly, those few extra pounds that you have don’t seem like much.

But then I start looking at the timeframe for some of these guys – one was 255 lbs 26% body fat and dropped to 185 lbs and 11% body fat within a year – Jacked.  One woman went from 176 lbs (18%) to 140 lbs (6%) within a year – lookin good!  I look at all these pictures and am amazed, but also kind of thrown off.  I mean – here I am, working damn hard for the past year, still not quite fitness-magazine-model material.

So then I realize – a lot of transformations are primarily fat loss.  The two above certainly put on some muscle, but their main goal was fat loss.  There are a couple that I’ve seen where a guy was like 140 lbs, 8% body fat (a stick of a man), and packed on like 40 lbs of muscle, but again that’s just one aspect.  I don’t mean to belittle what they accomplished – I’m still amazed and inspired by it – I just want more for myself than just losing fat or just gaining muscle = I want it all.

I renamed the blog to “Sloth to Swole” based off of that running app – Couch to 5k.  The idea of the app is that, no matter where you are in your fitness journey (even if you haven’t started), it will help you get up to running a full 5k.  “Sloth to Swole” is how I view my experience with bodybuilding.  I was active a young kid, but most of my high school, college, and post-college years weren’t very active.  I started this process with large amount of fat and not much muscle.  I decided to do something about my weight and started running.  I only found bodybuilding when I hurt my leg during a training run.  “Sloth to Swole” isn’t meant to be a guide for anyone – it’s meant to show what kind of intensity and dedication goes in to both sides of a transformation – gaining muscle and losing fat.

These transformations on other sites are supposed to show you that “anyone can do this!”  But honestly, I don’t think that’s true.  If you want this, you can’t readily make excuses anymore.  And if you fail, you can’t blame anyone but yourself.  It’s a tough position to put yourself in – not a lot of people will be able to handle it.  But if you struggle with it, work through it, you will come out the otherside so much stronger.  A lot less sloth, and a whole lot more swole.