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… Jeeves rested.  Everything I read talks about resting muscles, though it doesn’t seem like it’s an exact science.  I mean, I’m sure there’s a point where you’re not resting enough, not allowing your muscles to build back up.  The split that I’m doing is supposed to be four days – Pull, Push, Legs (I’m doing abs), and rest – but I’m feeling like that might be too long of a wait in between.  I don’t know.  I’m going to have to feel it out I guess. 

I love the Cardio Abs video from Insanity.  I always felt like that was the best ab workout I’ve ever had.  So instead of doing Legs during this “split”, I decided to do an Abs Day.  I fast forward through the “cardio” portion of the video, and go straight to the C-Position Abs routine.  It’s a lot of holding position, and turning to work your oblique muscles.  Then there’s a set of plank exercises too.  It’s awesome, only takes about 10 minutes, and I feel really good afterward.

So yesterday was my Pull routine.  Today is Push.  When you’re pushing on something (especially pushups) you’re working Triceps and Chest.  So that’s what I’ll be doing today – Military Press, DB Press, and Skull Crushers (a silly name, but accurate – if you accidently drop the dumbbell, it’s gonna crush your skull! haha).

My arms are feeling pretty weak since yesterday, but I’m going to push through.  I don’t think I’m lifting too much weight, I just think it’s the simple fact that I haven’t done this in a while.  We shall see!

I’ve been learning a lot in the past few months about anatomy – specifically muscles and bones and how it all works together.  I think that’s really going to help as I move in to doing some weight-training as part of my workouts.  I used to just jump in to equipment and start moving shit around.  But after doing some reading and research on workout routines, I think I’m able to more intelligently work my muscles.

Anyway, I’ve learned a new word – “split.”  Not the kind that hurts for men to think about, but as in how to split up your workout over a couple of days to give your muscles rest.  My buddies at work talk about splitting up Back and Biceps, and Chest and Triceps.  That didn’t mean much until I found a “Push/Pull/Legs Split” routine.

So today I did nothing but Pull Exercises (as well as some light cardio).  When you pull on something, you’re working your back and biceps mostly.  So today is Seated Rows, Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns, DB Flys and DB Curls.

I went to the doctor after work today.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get an X-Ray done because the radiologist was closed by the time I got there.  But the doctor checked me out and I told her what I was thinking, and what my research had mentioned – basically that shin splints usually occur in both legs, not just one.  They also don’t tend to last very long after you’re finished running (my pain in my one leg has lasted for now 4 days since my last run).  In any case, I gathered from her non-verbal communication that she may think it’s a stress fracture as well.

I’ll be heading back in on Monday to get my x-ray done.  From there we’ll be able to figure out what’s going on.  For now, I’m taking care of my leg as if it was a stress fracture – icing it 2 or 3 times a day, keeping it elevated when possible, and taking advil as needed.  I’m also going to get back into a habit of taking some fish oil pills in the morning – a really good anti-inflammatory.

July 4th Update

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me! I woke up the other day with a sharp pain in my left leg. After talking with some friends about it, I’ve decided to postpone my training for a couple of days while I get my leg checked out. I’m hoping that it’s only shin splints, but its possible that it’s a stress fracture, in which case I’ll be out for 6 weeks or more. I’ll let you know whats up.

Week 2 Begins

Another 4+ Miles under my belt!

A Big Step

8 Miles! Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me. I was able to run the entire distance. I only stopped at one point for an extended time (maybe a minute) because I got lost on my route. I stopped to check the map on my phone to see if I had to turn left or right :P. But I think it still counts!

Hat Trick

My third four-mile run this week.  Definitely felt good this morning – I feel like I’ve gotten used to running in 100+ degree weather, so doing it in 70 degree weather this morning was easy (almost felt like cheating haha). 

And for what it’s worth, I stretched and iced my ankle when I got home after the run and it feels a million times better.  I might do that again tonight just to tone down any swelling that may be going on.

Thanks again to everyone who has been supporting me through this!  I really appreciate it!

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