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The Countdown Begins

It certainly seems like a long ways off, but that time is going to fly by.  Training starts today with a 4 mile run.


Don’t think I ever posted this – my official time for the 5K I ran. So I was 127 overall (out of like 400+ people). My Net time was 28:16, gun time was 28:28. So that’s just over 9min/mile which is awesome! I was also 93 in my gender and 23 for my age group.

Achievement Unlocked – MBT 5K

Unofficial time – 28:48.

Pace – 8:58 min/mile.

That’s right… 1 second under my goal pace!

Tomorrow’s the day – my first official 5K!  I’m pretty pumped about it.  Actually, I’ve been dreaming about it – I know, it’s weird, right?  I’ve actually had dreams the past couple of nights about running in this race.  Last night, the dream was of me running in the rain – probably because I looked at the forecast for tomorrow and it’s supposed to be raining all day :P. 

Anyway, I’ve run a 5K before – not officially by any means, but on the treadmill.  I can do the distance, but my goal tomorrow is to do it in a respectable time.  All I want is to finish in under 30 minutes.  My eventual goal for my Marathon is to finish under 4 hours which means a pace of about 9:30 / mile.  That pace for a 5K would be about 28:30 minutes.  So right now, where I am in my training, anywhere between 27 and 30 minutes for a 5K I would be happy about.  But I’m going to push myself to do as best I can!

And if you’re curious, my ankles are feeling pretty good today.  I’d say probably about 90%.  My hope is to run on the treadmill tonight and attempt a 9-minute mile pace for a mile or two.  If I can keep that up, than I’m sure I’ll be able to push myself tomorrow for three miles.

Just had to run to catch the metro – no pain in my quads! Felt really good actually. Hell yeah!

Had a great rehearsal tonight at church. Got to play the handbells! Haha and pretty excited about singing Ubi Caritas.

My bed is calling me… I will be home soon, my sweet! :P

We’ll Make It, I Swear!

I mean… I think it’s gonna have to happen now!

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