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I think it’s important to take some time every once in a while to figure out where you’re headed and how you’re getting there.  I think having future plans is important, but it is just as important to be flexible about those plans.  The most recent example is my “leg-issue” and the marathon.  Let’s say it’s a stress fracture and I’m out for 6 weeks – that puts my training way behind.  So instead of the running, I’m finding other ways that I can keep fit so that I can still achieve my goal.

Of course, sometimes things change – what was once important to you has now taken a backseat, and that’s okay.  I’ve had a lot of things change for me in the past few months – a lot of great opportunities, some new roads to walk down, and a lot of new people in my life.  When this happens, I find it necessary to take a moment to stop, check out my map, and figure out where I’m going and how to get there.

I try to narrow my focus down to three things because any more will just pull me in too many directions.  So here’s where my focus is right now (in no specific order):

– My Marathon Training.  Because of my leg, I’ll be modifying this (more on that tomorrow), but it’s still very important to me.
– Getting my CCNA Certification.  This will open a lot of doors for me professionally.  First, I’ll get a bonus at my current job for getting my CCNA.  Second, this will also increase my pay as a professor for UMUC when I decide to follow through with that opportunity in the Spring.  And as an IT professional, it’s important for me to have this specific cert.
– My EP.  I’ve been talking with people about this for a while, but it’s time that I start working on it.  I have some people that are going to be helping me out and they are ready to go, so I need to start focusing on this more.

In a few months, it will be interesting for me to look back at this list and see how/if things change.  I fully expect them to change, and that’s okay – as long as I am constantly moving forward and improving, I don’t care how I get there.


I was watching “Monk” tonight and one of the characters paraphrased this quote – Being brave is being afraid but doing it anyway.  Of course, I love the way John Wayne says it better.  This marathon frightens me.  The training has frightened me, as I’ve expressed in a couple of my videos.  I was really afraid of that first long distance run, but I did it anyway.

There are always going to be scary things between you and what you want – you just can’t let that stop you.

I went to the doctor after work today.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get an X-Ray done because the radiologist was closed by the time I got there.  But the doctor checked me out and I told her what I was thinking, and what my research had mentioned – basically that shin splints usually occur in both legs, not just one.  They also don’t tend to last very long after you’re finished running (my pain in my one leg has lasted for now 4 days since my last run).  In any case, I gathered from her non-verbal communication that she may think it’s a stress fracture as well.

I’ll be heading back in on Monday to get my x-ray done.  From there we’ll be able to figure out what’s going on.  For now, I’m taking care of my leg as if it was a stress fracture – icing it 2 or 3 times a day, keeping it elevated when possible, and taking advil as needed.  I’m also going to get back into a habit of taking some fish oil pills in the morning – a really good anti-inflammatory.

July 4th Update

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me! I woke up the other day with a sharp pain in my left leg. After talking with some friends about it, I’ve decided to postpone my training for a couple of days while I get my leg checked out. I’m hoping that it’s only shin splints, but its possible that it’s a stress fracture, in which case I’ll be out for 6 weeks or more. I’ll let you know whats up.

Week 2 Begins

Another 4+ Miles under my belt!

A Big Step

8 Miles! Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me. I was able to run the entire distance. I only stopped at one point for an extended time (maybe a minute) because I got lost on my route. I stopped to check the map on my phone to see if I had to turn left or right :P. But I think it still counts!

Hat Trick

My third four-mile run this week.  Definitely felt good this morning – I feel like I’ve gotten used to running in 100+ degree weather, so doing it in 70 degree weather this morning was easy (almost felt like cheating haha). 

And for what it’s worth, I stretched and iced my ankle when I got home after the run and it feels a million times better.  I might do that again tonight just to tone down any swelling that may be going on.

Thanks again to everyone who has been supporting me through this!  I really appreciate it!

Achieve Great Things

I love TED talks.  This one was passed to me by my friend, Joanna.  It’s a great that points out 3 things that all 20-somethings should know.  I completely agree with the talk – I know a lot of 20-somethings that are wasting their time.  Her 3 points are ways to get back on the right track to doing something with the “defining decade.”

Don’t Trust Your Feelin’

So I’ve been bummed with myself looking at that calendar to the right – seeing all of those days that I haven’t posted anything.  I have my excuses – moving to a new apartment, taking a break from exercising for my leg to heal up, getting a new phone that can’t use the WooThemes, and other excuses that are just as lame.

I’ve always felt that way – about excuses that is.  Look, shit happens sometimes, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what happened or why you didn’t do something.  What matters is whether or not you fix your situation – do you continue to procrastinate or quit?  Or do you take your first opportunity to jump back in and get going again? 

There’s no need for me to waste time explaining why I came up short – mainly because we all do it!  It’s more important for me to accept it, apologize, learn from it, and move forward.

In any case, I’m getting back in to things.  I figured out that I can use the WordPress app for Android to post stuff here, so that will be great for posting Videos and Photos of my runs!

And speaking of which, yesterday I completed my first training run for my Marathon – 4 miles!  It felt really good!  Super excited to get going!

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